VersaSlate™ is NOT a tile but, a convenient and unique natural stone ( slate ) decorative surface.

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VersaSlate™ is NOT a tile but, a convenient and unique natural stone decorative surface for interior and exterior use. The flexible and extremely thin (about 3mm) 24” x 48” components weigh less than 4 lbs each and can be installed on most vertical surfaces, WITHOUT a grout joint. The use of VersaSlate™ is limited only by your imagination!.

ideal for Interior & Exterior applications :VersaSlate logo
Water Features
Shower Enclosures
Tub Surrounds
Column Cladding
Ceiling Soffits
Wall Covering
Architectural Accessories
alternate to Faux finishing
alternate to conventional ceramic or porcelain tile
and many more !

Ideal for hotel and apartment properties, it can be used in place of conventional wall covering for elevator lobbies, hall corridors, shower and tub wall enclosures, decorative cladding in the public spaces, and as a water feature

VersaSlate™ is highly resistant to common acids found in lemons, alcohol, and cleaning products along with being water and ultra violet (UV) resistant. Several other attributes of VersaSlate™  - very good freeze / thaw characteristics, impervious to heat, and fire resistant.

Using tested MAPEI™ adhesive products, VersaSlate™ can be installed over most building materials. It is ideal for many applications and especially where a lightweight, durable, and long lasting surface is required. Working with VersaSlate™ is simple. The 24” x 48” components can be cut, shaped, or drilled with standard carbide tools or even scored / cut with a utility knife !

NO grout required - NO cementitious backer board required - can be installed directly over green board using Mapei specified products. Can eliminate up to 2/3 of labor costs AND the time required to install compared to conventional natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile installations.

VersaSlate™ is Green & Sustainable. With the unique manufacturing process, hundreds of sheets of VersaSlate™ can be obtained from a standard 1-1/4” thick slab. Transportation cost, fuel, space, and the carbon footprint are reduced dramatically because its  lightweight and thin nature, compared to standard stone or tile products.

The composite backing of VersaSlate™ creates a cladding structure much stronger than the original surface. This unique and durable surface will add color and texture to items that it is applied to.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative regarding VersaSlate, please e-mail us at or call us at 440-248-4915 ext 311.

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